Coach Nijl Allen

Meet another new addition to BTSC!  Nijl Allen
Here are his answers to our interview:
How did you get into coaching?
I’ve always entertained the idea of coaching. I would often get selected during training sessions to show others the drill or skill we were doing. And then with the birth of my son it made it clear that I would love for him to play soccer so I better start coaching now.
What brought me to BTSC?
Well Jon Sarles was my coach of 4 years and I would frequently train at White Oak Park! I was already planning on getting into coaching, but didn’t know where to go and start and then Jon asked me if I was interested in BTSC and I knew that I had to take this opportunity. I love White Oak Park and the whole area of Branchburg!
What current or former coach/manager (of any sport) do you admire and why?
The coach/manager I admire are two. First one is my original trainer Coach Heinz Consten. He taught me everything that I know. He molded me into the player I was and even the coach I’m becoming. And then a manager I admire is Jose Mourinho. His whole coaching/tactical style of playing is just on another level. He is all in and wants to win no matter what.
What is the best part of coaching?
The best part of coaching is developing the players. And not even just on their soccer skills, but in all aspects of life. Coaches are entrusted by parents with their kids so you have to make the most of it. It’s a great feeling when you can see players understanding what you’re trying to teach them and they apply it to the game!
What do you want your players to know about you?
You can come to me with anything. Any problem you have or questions just come to me. There’s always a solution. I’m very excited to get to know all of you and give you hopefully another perspective on the beautiful game